Audrey Gellman Underlines The Role of a Good Political Spokesperson

Like many other spheres of the society, the political landscape has also evolved considerably over the decades. Audrey Gellman points out that the role of a good political spokesperson has especially become more important than ever, especially when it comes to engaging external audiences and participating in media relations. Audrey is an experienced political spokesperson herself. She joined the campaign of Scott Stringer in the fall of 2013. She helped in turning the tide of his campaign positively as his spokesperson.

Modern political parties face increasingly complex communications challenges. Political spokespersons play a major role in simplifying these challenges, by organizing events; undertaking media outreach programs and a lot more. In her position as a political spokesperson, Audrey Gellman coordinated the media strategy of Scott Stringer’s campaign and assisted him in developing his brand among the most influential New Yorkers. Her work included managing his social media outreach programs, with the aim of establishing his persona as a dynamic political opponent who can take on a crucial comptroller role and carry out the responsibilities with competency.

In addition to effectively carrying out social media campaigns on behalf of Scott Stringer, Audrey Gellman also organized a star-studded party at the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea. This party was meant to be a fundraiser for Scott Stringer’s political campaign.  However, to make the event more memorable, Audrey organized it in a manner that the party looked more like a vibrant Fashion Week event than a typical political fundraiser. This went a long way in impressing the guests, and increased their interest in Stringer’s campaign to a great extent.  The guest list of this party comprises of several reputable and affluent names, including discerning designers, nightclub managers, and actors.  Two Golden Globes winner, Lena Dunham was also a guest at the event. Lena and Audrey have been friends for a long time.  Its star-studded guest list and excellent organization made the fundraiser a huge success. Audrey Gellman also ensured that the party was covered by many media publications, which significantly helped in raising the profile of Mr. Stringer’s campaign.

Media engagements and events have become incredibly important in the modern-day political sphere. Political spokespersons are usually the ones who help in leveraging these elements effectively for their party, to ensure its better prospects and exposure. These professionals have a good level of expertise in dealing with the media, along with in-depth knowledge of political trends and strategies. They help in making sure that the core message of a political party and their campaign are being spread through discerning mediums, in a manner that resonates with the audience.  Political spokesperson has a keen knowledge of the events and media content that impresses their target audience the most, and tries their best to utilize those aspects to strengthen the impression of their political party or leader in the society. They often develop great relationships with local political reporters as well.