Caring for Your Tent – Top 5 Practical Suggestions for Tent Care

A fine camping tent can offer years of dependable carrier and happy recollections, supplied it’s far properly cared for. Caring for a tent is all about getting the fundamentals proper, when done successfully it turns into second nature.

Tip 1: Campsite Selection. Tent care starts whilst you are selecting your campsite. You need to try to discover a longtime campsite on a flat or even spot with no vegetation. The perfect campsite is sheltered from the wind and some distance sufficient faraway from other campers to come up with the money for you some privateness. You should pay precise attention to the type of floor, tough rocky ground or free sandy regions may be very difficult to vicinity tent pegs into.

Prior to pitching your tent, you need to clean any rocks, sticks or another overseas objects from the area. This will not handiest make your dozing location extra at ease, it’ll additionally help defend your tent by ensuring you don’t step on a sharp rock and puncture the ground.

Tip 2: Use a footprint. If feasible you need to usually use a “footprint” that is a reduce to size floor sheet that is going beneath your tent and presents more safety from any custom 10×10 tent  roots or rocks which you could have neglected whilst clearing your web page. Many tent manufacturers offer footprints to fit their tents, or you could use a reasonably-priced tarpaulin folded and cut to the scale of your tent. A footprint will even keep your tent smooth and dry as a way to make packing up easier and faster.

Tip three: Pitch it Taut. When pitching your tent you should make certain all traces are tight and the rainfly is overlaying the complete tent. This will keep away from any saggy areas that would allow water to stand, in turn weakening the tent and creating a moist night much more likely.

Tip 4: Remove your shoes. When entering and exiting your tent you ought to constantly do away with your shoes first. This maintains sand and dust away from your bedding, and additionally reduces put on on the tent floor. Tents with big vestibules allow you to depart your shoes outdoor at the same time as defensive them from the rain. This is right in case you or your companion has smelly ft!

Tip five: Clean and Dry Storage. The most crucial rule to getting a long existence out of your camping device is to ensure it’s miles easy and dry while located in storage. If there is any moisture for your tent this could cause mould to form over time which no longer handiest smells awful, it additionally weakens your tent fabrics significantly.