Golden Ratio in Photography – How You Can Apply It?

The other names of the golden ratio are golden means, golden spirals, divine part and golden part. It is the best and most effective guideline that is dependent on old mathematics. Moreover, this is used by many artists such as Michaelangelo, Leonardo DiVinci, and Salvador Dali. If you want to know how to build a great blog for UX then click on this link

How to Use it?

  • How many famous photographers use the golden ratio in photography? It means you may use this tool in different portraits. 
  • The Divine section is the best tool that helps to make a beautiful image in landscape photography.
  • This tool is focused on the rule of thirds.
  • Make sure to turn on the rule to get an idea about the time when you can take an image.
  • Make sure to use this tool to place the image precisely during cropping. 


We have discussed what the golden ratio is and how to use it. It is the best tool that helps to make the best composition. So, it makes your image more amazing and appealing. No matter whether you use the Phi grid or golden spiral. All these may enhance the quality of images. So, you should consider using this tool.