Live Bets On Total In Football

Previously, the player studies the data on at least 10 matches scheduled for the day. He selects matches with a high probability of goals. Then he waits for the moment when in one of the meetings in the first half the ball will not be scored. At the start of the second half of the game (up to the 60th minute), the bettor bets on TB 0.5. The coefficient will be approximately 1.3-1.5. In some cases, you can safely put on TB 1.0. Additionally, it is recommended to keep track of ongoing matches. Perhaps there will be a meeting where the favorite in his field is inferior to an outsider. There is a high probability that the hosts will score at least 1 goal to win back and snatch victory 먹튀사이트.


The strategy fits well with the above models. For example, in combination with a flat, you can bet on a specific amount. And the combination with the “ladder” will make it possible to increase the starting amount by 5 times in a few hours, betting on 3-4 events in a row. Popular methods can really be a good help for the bettor and will help to develop consistency in the game. However, you shouldn’t rely entirely on strategies. They should be used only taking into account all the nuances of a particular bet. Models need to be checked on small amounts.



The effectiveness of the method is palpable at a distance. The main feature of the strategy is a fixed percentage of the bet on the account as a whole. The optimal amount is 2-3% of the bankroll. If you have $ 100 at your disposal, then there will be $ 2-3 for one bet. When the pot grows, the amount of the bet must be raised accordingly. The advantage of this strategy is that the bettor will not lose all the money for several bets. However, his success depends on his ability to find optimal bets. Estimated results for the month on 먹튀: by correctly selecting sports events, you can make your gaming budget 3-4 times more.